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SR-101 & Los Osos Valley Road

Client|City of San Luis Obispo

Prime| MNS

Fall 2014 - March 2016| $24 Million

This project is located on the Los Osos Valley Road and US Highway 101 interchange. During the pre-construction phase, ZTC worked closely with MNS, City, and Caltrans Oversight to develop the Source Inspection Quality Management Plan (SIQMP) for the project and got it approved in-time for construction to start. During the construction phase, ZTC worked closely with MNS to create an open line of communication between all of the parties involved including Construction (RE/SR), Testing Laboratories (QA and QC), Prime Contractor, Subcontractor, Fabricator, Implementing Agency (City), and Caltrans Oversight, in order to relay the ongoing fabrication status and material release.

Cabrillo Bridge

Client|City of Santa Barbara

Prime| MNS

$12 Million

This project consisted of reconstructing the Cabrillo Boulevard Bridge over Mission Creek in three stages consisting of initial site preparation, demolishment of the portion of bridge located along the mountains and demolishment of the portion of bridge located along Mission Creek and the beach. ZTC provided source inspection support for fabrication of the voided panels. ZTC also provided a project structural material representative to lead the pre-precast meeting for precast quality control plan (PCQCP), review the PCQCP, and coordinate the precast fabrication along with providing a PCI Level II QA inspector to perform precast prestressed voided panels. ZTC performed QA inspection at the facility during the fabrication from pre-pour stage to final release stage.

I-10 Pepper Ave Bridge Replacement


Prime| Vali Cooper & Associates, Inc.

$10 Million

The project consists of replacing an over-crossing bridge structure located on Interstate 10 (I-10) and Pepper Avenue within the City of Colton and the County of San Bernardino. The scope of ZTC work for the project includes preparation of project Source Inspection Quality Management Plan (SIQMP) for Caltrans Oversight SMR, implementing the SIQMP and performing material engineering and quality assessment of fabrication. ZTC is also coordinating and managing source fabrication, structural material and electrical verification and testing.

Park Ave Bridge Replacement

Client|City of Newport Beach

Prime| Fountainhead

March 2016 to Present | $6.3 Million

This project consists of demolishing the existing Park Ave bridge and constructing a seismically reinforced, precast prestressed concrete bridge over the Grand Canal. This bridge will have 11-foot vehicle lanes, switchback ramps and 6-foot raised sidewalks. The scope of ZTC work for this project includes performing the QA inspection of 30 precast prestressed bridge girders. ZTC is also involved at all prefabrication stages from reviewing submittals to performing QA verification inspection on all of the fabrication steps.

La Guardia Airport Development 

Client|Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Prime| Caltrop

June 2016 to Sept 2017 (Open 2019) | $5 Billion

This is a Design-Build project for the comprehensive redesign of LaGuardia Airport, Queens, NY. The Design-Build team is Skanska-Walsh Joint Venture (SWJV) with WSP as their design arm. The project involved transforming LaGuardia into a unified airport with new terminals, better transportation access with a future AirTrain, additional taxi-lanes, and enhanced passenger amenities. ZT Consulting Group (ZTC) is a subconsultant to TRC Solutions (TRC) who provided Quality Assurance services to SWJV. ZTC was specifically tasked with providing Quality Assurance and fabrication support for precast prestressed structural and architectural concrete elements.

6th Street Viaduct Replacement

Client|City of Los Angeles

Prime| Skanska Walsh

June 2016 to Sept 2017 (Open 2019) | $5 Billion

The Sixth Street Viaduct, built in 1932, and spanning nearly 3,500 feet across has found to be structurally deficient and seismically valuable due to Alkali-Silica Reaction (ACR) found in the concrete bridge structure. City of Los Angeles (COLA) based on FHWA recommendation, has chosen to deliver the project with Construction Manager General Contractor (CMGC) method, where the CM team is T.Y. Lin International (TYLin), and the GC team is Skanska-Stacey Witbeck (SSW) joint venture, and the project designer is HNTB.  The project is funded by FHWA Highway Bridge Program (HPB). The project is very complex, due to its iconic design and the fact that the viaduct structure crosses a freeway, a river, and multiple rail tracks with various R/W ownership. ZT Consulting Group (ZTC) is a subconsultant to the CM team. ZTC was specifically tasked with developing the Construction Quality Management Plan (CQMP) as requested by FHWA and Caltrans to meet HPB funding requirements, Caltrans guidelines, the CMGC project delivery method, and COLA project procedures.

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